Living Intentionally

Do you ever have mornings where upon waking your body says “HOLD UP, are you really going to get out of this bed? Shouldn’t we just relax? Don’t you know your back hurts, and just one more hour would be great!”

Or how about this one “It will be ok, when you get home you can just relax! Just get through this day.” Hmm..maybe its this one- “I know I SAID that I was going to do that, and I know I SHOULD, but! I KNOW I said I wanted to eat better but…Did I SAY THAT? Must have been someone else! (wink…wink..)” Oh LORD! How many times I’ve said it…

As I woke this morning and was sitting in bed, listening to the 1st script going off in my head, actually its been a couple of days now…God asked “Melissa, who & what is informing your life? WOW-

I am currently taking a course for my graduate degree entitled “Leadership & Character Development” Hahahaha…ironic! I DONT THINK SO- God is so clever! The foundation belief for this course is this: Without truly being developed from the inside out leaders NEVER have the ability to reach their true potential! Leaders can spend a lifetime climbing the ladder of success, but if your heart is not developed, you will eventually fail somehow!

This week the topic is “The process of character formation” PROCESS! WHAT!!! Oh yes- Many of us have been given a vision for the story written about us, but without intentionally engaging in that vision we cannot bring forth fruit for God’s glory! As Dallas Willard states, in his book entitled Renovation of the Heart, “…we must intend the vision if it is to be realized…we must initiate…those factors that would bring the vision to reality.”

How many of you have a vision? Is it a Kingdom vision? Beloved, that vision requires your intention! What did you say! REALLY? Oh yes! I believed (vision) that I needed to obtain my Master’s Degree…all of the believing in the world would not make a difference if I did not enroll in school, and study weekly, completing assignments (intention)!

So, I enrolled in school, and have completed several courses, and am on track to graduate soon. YET, it has NOT been without a FIGHT! There has been MUCH WARFARE! What did you say! REALLY? My Pastor, Jim Sheen (Zion’s River- Tacoma, WA), stated on Sunday “Every place assigned to you will resist you.” He highlighted Galatians 5:16–17 (ESV)—

16 “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. 17For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit, and the desires of the Spirit are against the flesh, for these are opposed to each other, to keep you from doing the things you want to do.”

Beloved, the manifestation of vision will not come without a fight- without warfare! Our will/ opposed to the spirit within us! There WILL BE a cost…and you will be tempted to retreat from the place of destiny, you will be tempted at times to set your story down, and pick of another that is seemingly better, easier, and without the level of warfare currently present! You might be tempted to listen to other voices calling for you to retreat, and just stay in bed…but

“The place you are avoiding is the place you HAVE to go!” (Pastor Jim Sheen)

Beloved because I believe that you, like me, have a vision, you have a story, you have purpose- the only way to see fulfillment and victory in the land… is to not only say yes, but we MUST engage, we must intentionally move ourselves forward through our daily choices.

 Beloved, we must pay attention to the voices speaking into our lives, we must be aware of our agreement with those voices. We must realize that vision can only be actualized when I intentionally engage. We must be aware that the enemy does not want us to reach our potential in Christ and that every place assigned will resist us. Beloved, we must understand that the place we are avoiding is the place we HAVE to go!

Beloved, it is time…its time to attune our ear to the Father, submit our heart to His Holy Spirit, and intentionally engage with our story. He is with you, for you, and believes you can! He planned your days and the places you would live them out! Psalms 139- Acts 17

Beloved He is FOR YOU! He is a GOOD GOOD FATHER! Be bold…for this is the story He wrote!

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