The Reality of “No More Shoes”

Ah, shoes! For me it is a love hate relationship- If I could have it my way I would go barefoot everywhere- but alas! I am the one who could wear the same pair of shoes for years, and never purchase a new pair until the soles have detached! Sometimes it takes intervention-

However, in 2012 I was introduced to the glorious splendor of high heels! OH IF ONLY I could purchase a 1,000 pair, and be able to stand longer than 5 minutes in them! OH THE GLORY!!!!!!

In 2013 I found THE PAIR- …oh yes, look at these beauties!


As BEAUTIFUL as they are, and OH THEY ARE beautiful, these shoes ended up defining how I would walk for the next 2 years of my life. They defined my focus, determined where I would place my attention, and even dictated how I would approach the Lord. These shoes defined desire, yet I was unaware of how my heart was being re-shaped, and my story was being slowly shifted.

In Exodus 3:1-6 Moses meet God in the burning bush, and was told that he MUST take off his shoes in order to step onto the Holy Ground- His life was about to shift!

The title of my blog today is not original! I borrow it from my Pastor, Jim Sheen, in order to reiterate what I believe must be heard today- Pastor Jim stated “Moses’ sandals represented his walk in the world…[the] Holy ground is the place of God’s greatest good for you–your assignment, your call. It is the place where you are willing to say, “God I am yielded to you.”

Beloved, as I sat and listened to the Word of God that day, I knew that I was being called into a shift, a shift that would ask of me to place my desires, my shoes, at the feet of Jesus for something greater. I was being asked to step onto the Holy Ground of my assignment- no matter the cost.

Up until this moment in time I was struggling to gain clarity from God. I could hear my desires loudly, all the while the sound of God’s voice was faint, calling out for me to step out of the past, and into my story. Pastor Jim declared that-

  1. To hear the voice of God more intimately, you can’t bring your shoes
  2. Holy Ground is where we hear the Word of God and respond to a life-altering call
  3. Your old shoes collect dirt and debris from the world […and MOST importantly]
  4. Removing your shoes is not optional. You can’t bring anything else with you into God’s plans for you.

Beloved, THIS shook me to the core! I COULD NOT bring anything else with me into the plans that God had laid out for me- I had to remove those shoes that defined where I was planning on going- make no mistake- I COULD have chosen another path- but Beloved, WHEN you encounter God’s fire removing your shoes is not optional!

If I wanted to step fully into God’s plan for me, and I did, there was a FINAL removal that needed to take place- no more shoes! Ironic isn’t it! I didn’t have to wear shoes after all!

Beloved, I came to realize that those shoes, and others I chose, were covering up my willingness be bare before the Lord- He wasn’t requiring me to be encumbered, He was inviting me, just me, bare feet and all, to step onto the Holy Ground of my assignment- where HE would cover me!

Beloved, are there shoes of the past, of personal desire, that represent a story for your life that God did not write? Can you hear Him calling out to you “Son, Daughter, take off your shoes, for where you are standing is Holy Ground!” Is it time for the shift?

May you have the courage to take off those shoes, to say “God, I am yielded to you!” And may you, like me, step onto the Holy Ground of the story He wrote for you!


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