Your First Love

This evening, in the midst of a challenging study session, the love of God washed over my heart & mind- and it was if I heard Him say- “Don’t forget in the challenges Melissa what you have been created for- don’t forget your first love- remember Me.”

Immediately, like a scene being selected on a movie reel, I was sent back to one of the most impactful moments in my life; a moment where I met my first love and it forever changed my life.

I was no more than 8 years old when I stumbled upon my Mother that morning. I remember every step I took that led me into our living room where I found her. I vividly recall the French door that I walked through, covered in a white sheer, its glass handle I turned to enter into that room filled with, what I came to learn was, the presence of God. There I was standing at the entrance of that door where my little eyes and heart were enraptured with her heavenly encounter- this moment would not only change her, but her child as well.

I found my mother there on her knees, face resting on her bible, and tears streaming down her beautiful cheeks. This was a holy moment- a moment between Father God, and His daughter- my breath stilled, and my heart beat for One I did not yet fully know or understand- yet was destined to love. Beloved, the moment was that simple, yet that profound. Over the years until the moment she stepped into eternity, I watched my Mother encounter the One she loved above all others- Jesus- over and over again. I would watch as this woman, who faced many challenges in her life, remained connected to Jesus in a way that stirred my heart for the same.

My Mother passionately loved Jesus, and I witnessed this most profoundly when she would sing and play the piano. From the moment her fingers graced the piano, to the moment her lips opened with a sound that only one in love with Jesus could offer up, the presence of God became such a reality- heaven touched earth! As she sang, not just about Jesus ,but to Jesus, tears would stream down her face- she was SO IN LOVE WITH JESUS!

The following year on my 9th birthday I said yes to Jesus, and I was forever connected to my First Love.  I believe with EVERYTHING in me that Father God knew who my Mother would be, and knew that I would encounter her that morning there in the living room, and that it would stir up on the inside of me a passion for Jesus that would not only move me, but those watching me.

During this season, and throughout our lives, there will be times that we unintentionally forget our First Love; we become busy with good intentions for the Kingdom, graduate studies overwhelm us, the demands of life call on us in exhausting ways, and our love may grow faint.

This evening, while all alone in my office working on my studies, my First Love visited me, and stirred my heart once again for just Him. Beloved, in Revelations 2 Jesus is speaking to the church of Ephesus calling them back to their First Love- He states His awareness of their good work for the sake of the Kingdom, yet it is not the works taken into consideration but the connection to their First Love that in the end would grant them access to the Tree of Life (2:1-7). It was as if I could hear Jesus saying “Melissa, I know your graduate studies are challenging, I know there is much to be done in my name, but have you forgotten your First Love.”

Beloved, Father God is so proud of you! He sees your hard work, He sees the love you have for His Kingdom, and for the call that is upon your life. Beloved, sit back for one moment with me…can you sense His presence…can you feel His touch…do you need to reconnect with your First Love? Allow Him to wash over you tonight…allow Him to stir up a passion…a First Love passion!

My graduate studies are not going anywhere- but it’s my heart that will soar tonight!

…my heart is the wick, His love is the flame, and I will burn for His name!

May this song stir your heart for your First Love tonight…

Beloved, this is the story He wrote…




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