Yield To Design

Last week I had the opportunity to spend time shopping with some of my family. I was walking down one of the aisles of the shop we were in, and all at once it seemed as if everyone was leaving the store. We were all taking turns coming out of the aisles and exiting the store. It was my turn to step out of the aisle and there was a older gentleman to my left, I paused to let him go, but he stood there, looked at me and said sternly “Ohhhhhh no, you must go first!” I turned to him, thanked him, and continued moving along. He of course was next in this holiday procession, and I heard him muttering, and then suddenly his speech became clear. He stated, as he walked behind me, “Thank you so much for allowing me to let you go first, my Mom would have been so proud of me!”

Now, keep in mind this was an older gentlemen, not a young child who was learning manners while in this stuffed-to-the-brim holiday store. This was a gentleman whose design was to honor me in that moment, and it appeared that this opportunity to live out his design brought great JOY & DELIGHT! I later shared this story with one of my sisters, and it was her comment that struck me. She was stating how oftentimes women do not allow men to care for them in this way, and our culture has become accustomed to everyone just moving along in life in this manner, and not yielding to the design of each other.

I could not get this gentlemen’s comment out of my mind, and it was not just his comment but the JOY that went along with it. I began to think even further…Where do we fail to yield to the design of those who surround us? In what way would yielding to design cause individuals to connect to the story written about them?

God who has spoken forth every life, has spoken us forth from His design- a design uniquely woven into the tapestry of humanity that has purpose- a purpose that points back to God. Each life, and your own, is designed to connect to another, and another, and another, until all of the pieces form the whole- this is the Body of Christ. Those connections are not only unique, but vitally important to our purpose being fulfilled body wide.

Ephesians 2:21 states:

Ephesians 221 [widescreen]

…each one of us, each one of our designs, has been spoken forth by God for the purpose of becoming a place for God’s glory to be seen. Each life, each story has a purpose, and it is when we choose to yield to design that we begin to see the Body of Christ become one for the Holy One!

Today, as you continue moving about remember that each person has a story, each person has a purpose, each person has a design- lets make it our JOY to yield to design this week! Let’s make it our JOY to allow those around us the honor of stepping into who they were created to be!

…this is the story He wrote!

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